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Shop Building - Viewed from Northwest corner.General Machine Works Incorporated was founded in 1962 by Jim and Alice Wooten as General Machine Work & Tractor Repair.  As the local economy gradually changed from a highly agricultural to a more industrial base, the company expanded and changed its focus to accommodate the blossoming industrial community.   In the early eighties we had grown significantly and decided to incorporate the business under the present name dropping the "tractor repair".  Two new buildings were built and two new owners were added to the company record.  Jim's son, Emery Wooten, and his very much younger brother, John Burt Wooten became shareholders.

In the mid eighties John Burt had left the company to pursue a career in Industrial Education and Emery had acquired the company.  Emery ran the company for approximately seventeen years before selling it at the turn of the new century to the present owner, John Burt Wooten, his uncle and former partner.  Enough "Wootens" for you?   Well hopefully it is clear that this is a family owned business with a rich history of providing quality and service to our customers.  We have decades of experience, countless satisfied customers, and we intend to continue our tradition of quality and integrity into the twenty first century .

Our primary focus is on industrial machine work.  We have the largest and best equipment in the area and strive to handle a wide range of jobs of all sizes and complexities.  We invite you to view our customer, capability, and equipment pages and see if we can help you.  



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